Daisy Gilardini waited 117 hours for these shots

Sometimes the wait is definitely worth it. Even when that wait is 117 hours i sub-zero conditions.
Daisy Gilardini waited all that time to catch a glimpse of polar bear cubs leaving their maternity den with their mother for the first time to hunt seals.

Credit: Daisy Gilardini | Facebook

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Iceland From Above by Zack Seckler

We've seen before how cool and beautiful Iceland can be, but Zack Seckler take sit to another level with his abstract views from above.
For the complete set and more of his work please visit his website.

Credit: Zack Seckler | Instagram | Facebook

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Moving with the reindeer in the winter

A herd of animals from above is always an impressive sight, but when you've got the landscape to go with it it becomes even more impressive.
Jan Helmer Olsen Karasjok filmed a herd of reindeer from above and it looks totally cool.

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The Kingfisher by Corné van Oosterhout

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Winners of the National Geographic Photo Contest 2015

James Smart won the National Geographic Contest 2015 with his entry titled DIRT.
It was selected from over 13,000 entries and apart from the eternal fame, he goes home with a $10,000 in prize money and he also gets to visit the National Geographic headquarters.
If you think you have what it takes to participate in such a prestigious photo contest, you have to remember the dedication involved, as James spent 15 days chasing storms to get his perfect shot.

Credit: National Geographic Photo Contest 2015

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Mexicans are obsessed with mini pigs

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Diving Kingfisher Photo Is Alan McFadyen’s Perfect Shot

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Underwater Photography In The Arctic With Alexander Semenov

There are so many creatures we know nothing about of have ever seen, but thanks to amazing professionals such as Alexander Semenov we get to at least enjoy them in image form.
Alexander has been photographing the underwater creatures near the Arctic Circle for many years and his work is mind-blowing.

Credit: Alexander Semenov | Flickr | Facebook

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Shake Cats by Carli Davidson

When it comes to animals and shaking it off we often think of dogs first, but this fun set by Carli Davidson shows us that cats can shake it up too.

For more photos of cats shaking you can check Carli's website or buy her book.

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Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2015

Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2015 competition has thrown up another great set of animal and nature photos for sus all to enjoy.
We selected only a few, but there are plenty more for you to browse through here.

Credit: Natural History Museum

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Humpback Whale Is Making A Splash

Nothing more refreshing than being on the receiving end of a shower provided to you by a humpback whale.

Via Imgur.

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The Squad Orejitas: Dedicated patrol to rescue injured and abandoned animals

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The Diverse Photography of Teruyuki Kameda

We don't really have any information on and about Teruyuki Kameda, except that he is from Japan, that we love his photographs and that he gave us permission to post them.
If you want to see more of his excellent work please visit his 500px profile or like him on Facebook.

If you want your work displayed on TotallyCoolPix please contact us.

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When Photographing A Sperm Whale Goes Wrong

Keri Wilk is no stranger to underwater photography. He started diving when he was 8 and he hasn't left the water since.
In March 2014 he was diving with a group off the coast of Dominica.
As luck would have it a sperm whale approached them and the photo session began.
Unfortunately the model in question really needed to go to the bathroom and as you can see by the photos below and in this link it all became a bit cloudy for Kerri at that point.

Check out Keri Wilk's website and 500px profile for some amazing underwater photos.

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