Aug 7, 2018

The Lakota (Sioux) people mark the 150th anniversary of the Fort Laramie peace treaty between the Sioux Nation and United States government with a 400-mile horse ride from Green Grass, South Dakota, to Fort Laramie, Wyoming, where the treaty was signed.

Riding with Native Americans to mark pact anniversary

One of Beatrice Lookinghorse's granddaughters, Jaylynn Weasel, rides a horse around her home on the Cheyenne River Reservation in Green Grass, South Dakota, U.S., May 29, 2018. Jaylynn Weasel is one of several grandchildren and children to live in Beatrice Lookinghorse's trailer. It is common on the Cheyenne River Reservation to have many generations and extended family living in the same house or trailer. STEPHANIE KEITH/REUTERS

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