May 8, 2018

A growing thirst for tequila from New York to Tokyo has made the sale of the drink into a multibillion-dollar industry, but its production remains rooted in centuries-old methods of farming using hand tools and packs of mules.

Tequila boom rooted in traditional farming techniques

Estela de Reinoso, 71, and J. Cruz Reinoso, founders of the Don Blanco distillery, a family tequila business, pose for a photograph at their tequila factory in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico, April 12, 2018. They've been building up the family business for 30 years. Their daughter and son work with them. "My wife and I had a dream and it came true," said J. Cruz. "Tequila is a good business but it has a lot of demand. I hope the agave lasts for a long time." CARLOS JASSO/REUTERS

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