May 16, 2017

A new generation of Japanese inventors is drawing on the country's rich history of comics and video game culture to create sports with a 21st-century twist - helping players feel "superhuman" through technology or other special equipment.

Japan’s ‘superhuman’ athletes

Tomohiro Hamamura, 25, who works in IT sales and is a "HADO Kart" player, poses for a photograph wearing a head-mount display and an armband sensor in Tokyo, Japan, March 18, 2017. In "HADO Kart", players in head-mounted augmented-reality displays and armband sensors dodge waves of light as they fire energy balls at each other by moving around with riding a Kart in a virtual arena. Hamamura said: "When I play this sport, I don't need to think seriously. I just feel the existence of another world which is different from my real world." KIM KYUNG-HOON/REUTERS

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