Mar 5, 2017

The Fuurin Motel in Tokyo was once used as a rendezvous for lovers and a secret escape for people in affairs. This love hotel closed its doors 17 years ago and locals are scared to go near it as they say it is a haunted place.

Photographer Bob Thissen, 31, from Heerlen in the Netherlands has been there and made some eerie pictures from this hotel. There is a myth that Japanese ghosts live in abandoned buildings, but Bob thinks that it may scare people not entering or vandalising this abandoned building.

Guests checking-in to the ‘Love Motel’ had their choice of ten quirky bedrooms each individually themed such as the Medieval suite with a full suit of armour and a carriage-shaped bed. Other rooms – which were available to rent by the hour – were dressed in a Greek theme, or decorated as a Traditional Japanese Ryokan and they all came with their own dining rooms and bathrooms.

More from Bob can be found on his website and don’‘t forget to follow his Youtube Channel Exploring the Unbeaten Path for his awesome adventures. A couple of months ago we also featured awesome serie of Warships in France from Bob.

A peek inside an abandoned Japanse haunted sex motel

Pictured, a traditional lamp hangs off a top shelf in a room, next to a stuffed bird. Even though the suite is supposed to model a Japanese woodland scene, it features a TV and air conditioners.

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