May 5, 2015

In May 1945 Berlin was taken from the Nazis by the Russians.
These photos compare the situation then and now, 70 years later.

Berlin 70 Years Ago And Now

A combination photo shows Russian tanks at Proskauer Street or Frankfurter Allee in this undated photo taken May 1945 in Berlin (top) and at the same location (bottom) April 20, 2015. Some 70 years on from the Battle for Berlin, instrumental in the end of World War II, Reuters photographer Fabrizio Bensch unearthed pictures by Red Army photographer Georgiy Samsonov, showing his portrayal of a city laid siege. Bensch bought an exactly equivalent FED camera, a Soviet copy of the German-made Leica II, choosing to use black and white film to capture images of the self-same locations he detected his way to in modern-day Berlin. REUTERS/MHM/Handout/Georgiy Samsonov (top), Fabrizio Bensch (bottom) FABRIZIO BENSCH/REUTERS

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