Feb 9, 2015

The Japanese Tunnels are a series of underground bunkers and passageways built by the Japanese during World War II in order to store and move soldiers and weapons across the island out of reach of Allied bombings. Photographer Chris Luckhardt visited such an abandoned World War II Japanese tunnel system. More info below the pictures.

Chris Luckhardt is a Canadian photographer who specializes in photographing abandoned places around the world. See more of his photography on Facebook and Instagram.

See also these series by Chris on TCP: Abandoned Hashima Island, Rural Abandonments, Urban Exploring in Detroit , The Bethlehem Steel North Office and Capture the Night.

Abandoned World War II Japanese Tunnel System by Chris Luckhardt

Some segments of the tunnel system were designed to accommodate a 500-bed hospital, a sizable power generating facility, numerous warehouses and even a submarine factory. Photo by Chris Luckhardt.

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