Aug 12, 2011

I'm a French photographer of 24 years old. I began 4 years ago, thanks to a friend, with the old Canon EOS 300 of my mother. After several films shot, I bought my first digital camera. So now, I have a Canon EOS 50D with different lenses and flash to transform a moment into photography, and this picture into a memory. What I really like in photography is the constant evolution my eyes have. The different and unique view of "classic" (or not) scenery you can have, how will you take it with your camera. This feeling is constantly evolving since I have been beginning photography. For me photography is a passion, this passion drives my eye and my camera to catch specific moment of life. Thanks Antoine and if you like the photographer's work please give a comment or a like to show your appreciation and if you want your work featured please contact us. Join TotallyCoolPix on Facebook and Twitter or join our Flickr Group.

In The Picture: Antoine Laurent

Vieille gare

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