Daisy Gilardini waited 117 hours for these shots

Sometimes the wait is definitely worth it. Even when that wait is 117 hours i sub-zero conditions.
Daisy Gilardini waited all that time to catch a glimpse of polar bear cubs leaving their maternity den with their mother for the first time to hunt seals.

Credit: Daisy Gilardini | Facebook

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Horacio Llorens Dances With The Northern Lights

Horacio Llorens is a world champion paraglider and his latest stunt is just amazing, fantastic and totally cool.
He took his paraglider up into the Aurora aka Northern Lights in Norway and the result are these totally cool photos and even better video.

Credit: Red Bull and Horacio Llorens

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Max Verstappen Drives A Red Bull F1 Car Down A Ski Slope

Max Verstappen is the next big thing in Formula One. His rookie year was amazing and he brought some much needed excitement to a world which had become all about good PR and the cars the drivers were driving.
Max, it seems, is always up for crazy stunts and luckily so are Red Bull.
They put Max in a 2011 Red Bull F1 car, put some snow chains round the tires and let him drive down the Hahnenkamm slope in Austria.

Credit: Red Bull
For the video click here.

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Harbin International Ice Festival 2016

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In Between by Rolf Steinmann

In a remote corner of the world a living relic from a prehistoric age still exists. A creature that once roamed the northern plains alongside mammoths and sabertooth cats. This shortfilm is the result of my journey into his world. A world unknown to most of us.
This beautiful shortfilm about the Musk Oxen is a must see!

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Sheep Marching Through The Snow

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18 meters of cleared snow in Japan

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Very Photogenic Iceberg Near Greenland

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World’s First real-time Northern Lights Captured in Ultra High Definition

Just stunning!!!
Make sure you watch this in the highest definition your screen will allow.

Come along with us on a virtual experience our Aurora Chasing in 4K Ultra High Def!

Despite being under the weather, Marketa, Angus and I ventured out to capture the Northern Lights with our newest tool, the Atomos Shogun 4K external recorder. We combined this with a Sony a7S and a DJI Ronin for a look at what's it like to "Chase the Lights."

The Atomos did great and while the Ronin usually does a good job it seemed quite jittery on this night. I'm in contact with support and hope to find a resolution to this but it's done that the last few times I've taken it out in temps colder than 10ºF. Keep in mind it is very windy, I'm stumbling around in knee deep snow and it's about 0ºF so considering, it still held up rather well.

It seems we have a few things to work out both with the Ronin and the Shogun but are very excited for this amazing trio once we get things rolling smoothly.

If you'd like to be out there having your portraits taken in front of these magnificent Northern Lights, join us for a night under the Aurora.

Gear list
Sony a7S
Rokinon 24mm f/1.4
DJI Ronin Gimbal Stabilizer
Atomos Shogun 4K Monitor and Recorder

Video filmed in the Murphy Dome area near Fairbanks, Alaska on Friday, January 2nd.

Via Ronn Murray

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Harbin International Ice Festival 2015

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