Diving Around An Active Oil Platform

Rig2Reef dove to an active oil platform to document how a commercial structure can turn into a wildlife habitat over years. Some amazing underwater footage.

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Giant Squid Babies Are Born Like Stars

Wow, this is some amazing footage of a giant squid giving birth, to what look like thousands of little stars.

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Retired Subway Cars dumped into the ocean

Usually, dumping metal into the ocean is a bad thing, but for once throwing disused retired subway cars into the sea is working out for the greater good. Over 2,500 New York subway cars have been used to create an underwater reef for crustaceans and fish in the Atlantic.

Once the retired subway cars had been decommissioned, they were cleaned and every part of them that could be removed, such as seats, straps and wheels, was recycled or sold. Then the carriages were stacked onto a barge, which transported them to the dropping point in the ocean.

Photographer Stephen Mallon captures these stunning pictures of the disused subway cars being loaded up onto a barge and thrown into the Atlantic Ocean to make an artificial coral reef. Want to see more of Stephen Mallon? Like him on Facebook, follow him on Instagram or follow him on Twitter.

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