Iceland From Above by Zack Seckler

We've seen before how cool and beautiful Iceland can be, but Zack Seckler take sit to another level with his abstract views from above.
For the complete set and more of his work please visit his website.

Credit: Zack Seckler | Instagram | Facebook

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Half And Half Glaciers Shot by Steve Mandel

I'm a sucker for great nature photography, especially when the colors are really vibrant.
Steve Mandel managed to do this for his series about glaciers above and below the artic waters.
For the full set visit his website and visit MyModernNet for an interesting interview with Steve.

Credits: Steve Mandel

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The Kingfisher by Corné van Oosterhout

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The Totally Cool Dolni Morava Sky Walk

The Dolni Morava Sky Walk can be found in the Czech republic and it is totally cool.
It is a 55 metres high structure situated 1116 meters above sea level on the Králický Sněžník massive. It resembles a roller coaster and the design and the views from the top are cool enough as it is, but the coolest feature of all is the slide you can take to go back to the bottom of the structure.

Photo credits: Boys Play Nice

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Winners of the National Geographic Photo Contest 2015

James Smart won the National Geographic Contest 2015 with his entry titled DIRT.
It was selected from over 13,000 entries and apart from the eternal fame, he goes home with a $10,000 in prize money and he also gets to visit the National Geographic headquarters.
If you think you have what it takes to participate in such a prestigious photo contest, you have to remember the dedication involved, as James spent 15 days chasing storms to get his perfect shot.

Credit: National Geographic Photo Contest 2015

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The Jukkasjärvi ICEHOTEL is open once again

For the 26th season in a row the famous ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi has opened the doors to it's 19 suits.
The ICEHOTEL is carved out of 1,000 tonnes of crystal clear ice and if you are a big traveler it needs to be on your bucketlist.

Credit: ICEHOTEL | Facebook | Instagram

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Diving Around An Active Oil Platform

Rig2Reef dove to an active oil platform to document how a commercial structure can turn into a wildlife habitat over years. Some amazing underwater footage.

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Stormscapes 3

A storm can be a beautiful thing.

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Diving Kingfisher Photo Is Alan McFadyen’s Perfect Shot

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Awesome Cloud Formation Pictured Over Victoria In Australia

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The Flowering Atacama Desert

Earlier this month Chile was hit with heavy rain and storms. They brought havoc and destruction to the South American country and 28 people were killed, but the rains also brought something of a miracle to the Atacama desert.
As one of the driest places on earth no one could have expected the flowering spectacle that arrived shortly after the rains fell.
Over 200 native species of flowers and plants have transformed the barren desert into a canvas of colors and scents.

Credit: EFE/Mario Ruiz

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Japanese artist sends bonsai tree on trip around the world

Japanese artist Azuma Makoto had the crazy idea to send a bonsai tree on a journey around the world and photograph this journey for an exhibition.

For more images click here.

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Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2015

Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2015 competition has thrown up another great set of animal and nature photos for sus all to enjoy.
We selected only a few, but there are plenty more for you to browse through here.

Credit: Natural History Museum

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Nature swallowed an abandoned Chinese Fishing Village

Shengsi is an archipelago of almost 400 islands at the mouth of China’s Yangtze river. In there we can find this awesome abandoned fishing village being swallowd by nature. The pictures are taken by ZhouJie

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When Photographing A Sperm Whale Goes Wrong

Keri Wilk is no stranger to underwater photography. He started diving when he was 8 and he hasn't left the water since.
In March 2014 he was diving with a group off the coast of Dominica.
As luck would have it a sperm whale approached them and the photo session began.
Unfortunately the model in question really needed to go to the bathroom and as you can see by the photos below and in this link it all became a bit cloudy for Kerri at that point.

Check out Keri Wilk's website and 500px profile for some amazing underwater photos.

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American National Parks Time Lapse

Compilation of Time Lapses from US National Parks shot and made while travel in two year period.
Video consists 9 National Parks - Yellowstone NP, Bedlands NP, Cuyahoga Valley NP,Grand Teton NP, Haleakala NP, Kings Canyon NP, Sequoia NP, Yosemite NP, Gateway to Channel Islands NP. In addition Niagara Falls and Devils Tower National Monument.
All shot in HD with Canon 7D and GoPro Hero3 Black Edition.
The diversity is immense.

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World’s First real-time Northern Lights Captured in Ultra High Definition

Just stunning!!!
Make sure you watch this in the highest definition your screen will allow.

Come along with us on a virtual experience our Aurora Chasing in 4K Ultra High Def!

Despite being under the weather, Marketa, Angus and I ventured out to capture the Northern Lights with our newest tool, the Atomos Shogun 4K external recorder. We combined this with a Sony a7S and a DJI Ronin for a look at what's it like to "Chase the Lights."

The Atomos did great and while the Ronin usually does a good job it seemed quite jittery on this night. I'm in contact with support and hope to find a resolution to this but it's done that the last few times I've taken it out in temps colder than 10ºF. Keep in mind it is very windy, I'm stumbling around in knee deep snow and it's about 0ºF so considering, it still held up rather well.

It seems we have a few things to work out both with the Ronin and the Shogun but are very excited for this amazing trio once we get things rolling smoothly.

If you'd like to be out there having your portraits taken in front of these magnificent Northern Lights, join us for a night under the Aurora.

Gear list
Sony a7S
Rokinon 24mm f/1.4
DJI Ronin Gimbal Stabilizer
Atomos Shogun 4K Monitor and Recorder

Video filmed in the Murphy Dome area near Fairbanks, Alaska on Friday, January 2nd.

Via Ronn Murray

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