Surreal City Landscapes by Aydın Büyüktaş

Aydın Büyüktaş has turned some parts of Turkey on it's head with his surreal city landscapes that could have come straight out of the Inception movie.

Credits: Facebook | Instagram | Website

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Perfect Patagonia by Andy Lee

Patagonia is located at the Southern tip of South America. The are is unique in that it contains mountainsd (the Andes), desert, steppes and two coast lines (Atlantic and Pacific). The area is a collection of beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife and Andy Lee made it his own.

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Winners of the National Geographic Photo Contest 2015

James Smart won the National Geographic Contest 2015 with his entry titled DIRT.
It was selected from over 13,000 entries and apart from the eternal fame, he goes home with a $10,000 in prize money and he also gets to visit the National Geographic headquarters.
If you think you have what it takes to participate in such a prestigious photo contest, you have to remember the dedication involved, as James spent 15 days chasing storms to get his perfect shot.

Credit: National Geographic Photo Contest 2015

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25 Totally Cool Drone Photos

One of the newest and coolest tool to have as a photographer is a drone. It will allow you access to places previously only reserved for birds and people in helicopters of planes.
Below are 25 totally cool photos taken with drones. It's not too late to ask one for Christmas.

For more cool drone photos check out

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Earth View Has Some Amazing Satellite Images For Us

Earth View is a wonderful tool which allows you to browse through (and download as a wallpaper) about 1,500 satellite images from Google Earth.
Hours of fun guaranteed.

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