Exploring The Unbeaten Path: Abandoned Soviet military hardware

Exploring The Unbeaten Path: Abandoned Soviet military hardware

Our friend Bob Thissen is a familiar name on this site. His exploits under the name of Exploring The Unbeaten Path have been posted many times before today.
However, today's offering holds a special place in our hearts as it shows us a place we have visited on TCP before.
All the way back in 2010 Den Efremov sent us his UrbEx photos of a place in the Ukraine with loads of abandoned Soviet military hardware.
Bob has visited the same place and it shows us the planes and choppers are still there, just slightly more decayed. However, the local police were there too and arrested Bob and his friend.
After hours spent at a local policestation, the police were satisfied they were not spies byu t simeply Urban Explorers.

Credit: Bob Thissen/Explore The Unbeaten Path

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