#OwnTheTwilight, a short workshop on how to take photos in the Golden Hour

#OwnTheTwilight, a short workshop on how to take photos in the Golden Hour

Twilight is sometimes called The Golden Hour. During twilight the darkness moves in on the light or vice versa. This period in the days often makes for the most beautiful photos, but taken photos in twilight can be rather tricky. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has such a good camera and lens that even during twilight hours you can take amazing photos with it. We've asked photographer Vincualize to take some twilight photos for us and share some of the secrets that make up a successful twilight photo.

1. By Sanne Boertien: Use the light still available to you
When twilight set in try to use as much of the light still available to you. Look for those last rays of sun light and try to position your subject in those rays. Whatever you do, try not to use the flash on your camera or smartphone. It will give your image an unnatural feel. (Picture: Vincualize)

2. By Erik Hageman: Play with the light
For the best light you need a low sun. Try to go for a walk an hour before sunset or and hour after sunrise. If you want to light up your subject it is best to have the light of the sun come from behind you. However, you can take some beautiful silhouettes when the sun is positioned behind your subject. If you do this remember to manually focus your phone by clicking on the screen. (Pictures: Vincualize)

3. By Eliane Roest: Be patient…
Never rush a good twilight photo. Wait for the right time of the day and if possible try to shoot a new photo of the same subject ever few minutes as the light changes constantly during twilight. (Pictures: Vincualize)

4. By Erik Hageman: Use perspective
Using the natural lines in a composition is very important, even during twilight. If you use them correctly you can draw someone into a photograph. Try out different techniques and stances to understand the different ways linear perspective can influence your photos. Try and shoot in a stairwell or the front of a building by looking up at it. Practice makes perfect, but make sure you always have an aim in mind when you go out on a photography mission. (Picture: Vincualize)

And make sure you have a good camera companion with you like the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. It’s Dual Pixel technology will ensure you can focus quickly, even in those twilight hours. For more information about the Samsung Galaxy S7 please click here.


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