A friend of mine lives in Colombia. he says it's a gorgeous country with a never ending feeling of Spring. 2018 should be the year I visit this friend and this beautiful country.

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Myanmar temples from above by Dimitri Karanikolov

I've never been to Myanmar, but I've been told it is a beautiful country.
And who am I to argue with that when I see photos like this.

Credit: Dimitri Karanikolov

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Crowded Fields by Pelle Cass

We often only see a few people take to a field of sport for some training or a game, but over the course of a day or an afternoon that field of play gets used a lot.
Pelle Cass made it a series called Crowded Fields.

Credit: Pelle Cass

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Arena by Páraic McGloughlin

A brief look at the earth from above, based on the shapes we make, the game of life, our playing ground - Arena.

If you don't like flashing images, look away now.

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Ethiopia by HandZaround

Ethiopia is a country rich with tradition, culture and some beautiful landscapes. Definitely worth a visit.

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Eight tips for framing and composing in the city

We love tips and I'm sure you guys do too.
Niklas Nischke shows us some quick and easy ways to make your city trip photographs way more interesting.

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Lake Barkley Bridge Demolition

The Lawrence Memorial Bridge, which crosses over Lake Barkley from Canton to the Land Between the Lakes, was laid to rest this morning. A multi-year transportation project is nearing an end, seeing two new, subtantially wider (and safer!) bridges built over Barkley and Kentucky lakes.

The road decking was removed over the last few weeks, leaving only the original 1932 trusses in place. The two larger spans were set with explosive charges for demolition, which is captured here (about halfway through). Crews will now retrieve those segments by barge and then eventually they'll do the same to the concrete pillars that held the spans in place. Enjoy!

We love a good drone video.

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Exploring the Unbeaten Path: 400 Cars, Buses and Motors dumped at a Military Base in Cyprus

While in Cyprus, exploring the military zones which divide the country between a Turkish and Cypriot part, the unbeaten path guys also came across this huge dump of old motorized vehicles.

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Snow artist Simon Beck recreates an iconic design at 9000 feet

To celebrate almost 70 years since the first Land Rover Defender was shown to the world Land Rover enlisted snow artist Simon Beck to climb up to 9,000 feet above sea level and works his magic with his feet.

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Daredevil Slides Down 260ft Pole With No Harness

I like adrenaline as much as the next person, but damn, I'm never doing something as drastic as this. The rush though.

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