Sydney’s Doll Hospital

Aug 27, 2014

Opened in 1913, Sydney’s Doll Hospital has worked on millions of dolls, teddy bears and other toys. Behind a toy shop on a busy suburban street in Sydney’s south, “doll surgeons” transplant fingers, toes and heads, and repair broken eye sockets in dolls who were the victim of a childhood tantrum or sibling rivalry, sometimes decades ago.


Coolest Pix Of 2014 Week 34

I’m back from vacation, but ti seems nothing has changed during my time in the sun.
Misery is still raining down on humanity.


Coolest Pix Of 2014 Week 33

I might be enjoying a vacation with my wife and kids, but that doesn’t mean the world stops turning out news stories.
Here are some of the best and worst pictures from the past week.


Athens Olympic Venues 10 Years On

Aug 16, 2014

In 2004 Athens hosted the Olympic Games.
Billions were spent on making them memorable and worthy of the original Olympics, which were hosted in Greece thousands of years ago.
In 2014 most of the Olympic venues are in a serious state of decay and lay dorment, waiting for someone to make proper use of them.
But Greece has run out of money and it’s Olympic Games legacy is rotting before their very eyes.
Shouldn’t the IOC make sure billions of taxpayer money doesn’t go to waste once the party leaves town?


Violence in Ferguson

Violence erupted in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, for a fourth straight night Wednesday, with police firing smoke bombs and tear gas at demonstrators and some people lobbing Molotov cocktails. Racial unrest lingers in the St. Louis suburb following a weekend police shooting of an unarmed black teenager Michael Brown.


An Awesome Supermoon

Aug 11, 2014

You just can’t beat some special effects made by the Universe.


Journey Through Mauritania

Mauritania’s SNIM iron ore mining company aims to produce 13 million tonnes in 2014, around the same level as last year, the majority state-owned firm said. SNIM mines black iron ore in the northern town of Zouerate, a remote desert location which nevertheless attracts people from all over the country looking for work. SNIM employees proudly call their firm the lung of their nation’s economy and the train that ferries the ore to the coast stretches some two kilometres, making it one of the world’s longest.


Coolest Pix Of 2014 Week 31

Let’s be honest, that rainbow in the cover photo is in no way representative of the week we’ve had on Planet Earth.

A GRAPHIC CONTENT warning is justified for this selection.


Tomorrowland 2014 by Marc van der Aa

Tomorrowland is an electronic music festival and one of the largest festivals in Europe. The festival is held in the Belgium place Boom. It’s unique psychedelic carnival atmosphere is complemented by it’s electronic and dance music (referred to in the USA as EDM) line-up that also features other similar sub-genres such as trance, house and rave music. In 2014 the festival was held over two weekends due to it’s 10th anniversary. Photographer Marc van der Aa was present on both weekends to document the festival in pictures and he gave us his 60 best pictures. Special Thanks to Backbone International and you can also find more of Marc on his Facebook Page.