Dec 5, 2016

The Abandoned Airplane Graveyard in Bangkok

The Abandoned Airplane Graveyard in Bangkok

My name is Steve and i am one of the people behind TotallyCoolPix and the Dutch Amusement site VKMag. I am absolutely no photographer nor i have the intentions to become one. But when i am somewhere on this planet i love to visit cool places and take some pictures. At this moment i am in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Things you need to do here are eating Thai dishes (including spiders and scorpions), visiting the Grand Palace, various temples and of course drinking some cocktails in the rooftop bar that was featured in the Hangover II movie. Bangkok also has some places that are on the bucket list of Urban Explorers, like the abandoned Ghost Tower. But climbing 49 floors when it is really hot outside? No, not this trip. But there is another cool place in my eyes to visit in Bangkok, the Airplane Graveyard where abandoned jets have been left to rot. These planes were abandoned after a business venture to convert them into a bar and venue failed. So somewhere in a suburb of Bangkok is this private lot filled with pieces of decommissioned commercial jets, including a Boeing 747 fuselage. If you want to visit this graveyard you will have to pay 200 baht (5 euro) to a lady who lives on the site with her extended family in some converted fuselages.

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