Feb 4, 2014

Urban Exploring in Canada by Richard Huntjens

Urban Exploring in Canada by Richard Huntjens

Dutch Photographer Richard Huntjens went to Canada and this is his story. During my recent visit to Canada I also explored some abandoned area's. Two of those are an abandoned Asbestos Mine and an abandoned Terminal. The first location, the abandoned mine, was one of my hardest and most exhausting explores so far. Exploring with -30 degrees Celcius is not something I'm used to, especially while walking through a meter of snow. The condensation of my breath immediatly froze onto my camera, with as result that it was hard to take pictures because icecrystals formed on the lens. The second location, an abandoned Terminal, was at an, ofcourse, old airport. Too bad I couldn't get it, but the outside pictures were already worth the visit! Like his pictures? Like his Facebook page!

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