Feb 11, 2014

Final Fight Nights At The Famous Lumpinee Stadium

Final Fight Nights At The Famous Lumpinee Stadium

Images from the legendary Lumpinee stadium, one of Bangkok's oldest boxing venues which is being demolished after 57 years. Lumpinee's circular structure, with an ageing tin roof that lets in rain and sunlight, is a stone's throw from the central oasis of Lumpini Park and had avoided Bangkok's frenetic building boom. The stadium harks back to the capital's golden days before the invasion of skyscrapers that now soar above it. But it stands on prime real estate and its lease was not renewed by the Crown Property Bureau, one of Bangkok's biggest landlords and the fund that supports Thailand's monarchy. That is forcing the stadium to move to a new venue on the outer fringes of the sprawling city - a logistical hassle for tourists and Thais who have flocked to Lumpinee for decades.

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