Jun 27, 2013

In The Picture: Maxim Termote

In The Picture: Maxim Termote

Urban exploration has now been a hobby of mine for 2 years (I started when I was 14, I'am now 16), Many people found my hobby stupid. They thought it was dangerous what I did, and that only for some 'stupid' pictures. Thankfully, ever since it has been re-labelled by various online forums, all sharing the same interests as urban exploring or urbex. Abandoned buildings can be extremely dangerous from a structural point of view with frequent risks and exposure to lead based paints, asbestos, collapsing floorboards, not to mention the possibility of encountering squatters, needle-heads, hostile vandals or thieves. 2 weeks ago we went to an abandoned hotel but unfortunately there were drug dealers in the building. Everywhere drug syringes, and we heard them shouting. So exploring can be hazardous if you choose to do something unreasonably dangerous or are simply unlucky. The priority of this site and its content is to document these remaining structures and in doing so great care is always taken to never disturb any wildlife, damage or litter any property whilst out exploring. If you want to know the history of these buildings, you can have a look on my website We'd like to thank Maxim for sharing his photos. Visit his website for more of his work. If you want your work featured please on TotallyCoolPix please contact us and include some samples. Join TotallyCoolPix on Facebook, Twitter, join our Flickr Group or find us on Google+.

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