May 8, 2013

In The Picture: Michal Huniewicz

In The Picture: Michal Huniewicz

Michal Huniewicz came to us with a set he shot in India. Manikarnika Ghat is a place in Varanasi, the holiest city of Hinduism, where bodies of Hindus have been cremated for thousands of years. The pictures show you the last hours of a human body, the Hindu way, after it enters the Ghat to the moment it ceases to exist. The pictures are pretty unique as it is not easy to acquire permission to photograph there. They might be confronting to some, but to the people there it is an every day occurrence. We'd like to thank Michal for sharing his photos. Visit his website for more of his work. If you want your work featured please on TotallyCoolPix please contact us and include some samples. Join TotallyCoolPix on Facebook, Twitter, join our Flickr Group or find us on Google+.

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