Dec 18, 2012

In The Picture: Zbigniew Wantuch

In The Picture: Zbigniew Wantuch

Zbigniew Wantuch is 27-years-old and was born in Poland. He now lives and takes photographs deep within the Norwegian Artic Circle. He is mainly interested in photojournalism and pictures that tell a story.These pictures are from his "Inside the fire" series and were taken in cooperation with the local firefighting brigade in Hammerfest, Finnmark, during exercises. The goal was to show the work of a firefighter from a first person perspective. "Under the roof the temperature was reaching 700*C degrees so we needed to stay close to the ground. Sometimes I wasn't able to see my own hands due to thick, black smoke that was quickly surrounding us. Taking pictures in these conditions was hard, but it was nothing compared to the work the firefighters have to do.” We'd like to thank Zbigniew for sharing his photos. Visit his website for more of his work and if you like the photographer's work please give a comment or a like to show your appreciation. If you want your work featured please on TotallyCoolPix please contact us and include some samples. Join TotallyCoolPix on Facebook, Twitter, join our Flickr Group or find us on Google+.

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