Nov 5, 2012

Formula One 2012: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Formula One 2012: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The Abu Dhabi grand prix was an amazing race. It started with Vettel being made to start in last place on the grid due to a fuel irregularity during qualifying. His main championship rival, Fernando Alonso was going to be about 15 cars in front of him and was sure to score some good points. At the head of the grid was Lewis Hamilton, who also dominated the early part of the race. However, his McLaren let him down once again and Kimi Raikkonen found himself in the lead. Kimi wouldn't let it go and won his first race since his comeback. In the meantime Sebastian Vettel had climbed from last to third, just behind Alonso, due to some strong driving and some lucky breaks due to safety car situations. Two races to go and still three drivers in it to win it.

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