Coolest Pix Of 2012 Week 38

Sep 22, 2012
Coolest Pix Of 2012 Week 38

I was gone for a week and loads has happened. We have an international dispute between Japan and China over a group of little islands. William and Kate are putting on a brave face with regards to the topless photos published of her in French, Italian, Danish and Irish magazines, The space shuttle Endeavour made her last trip as a passenger to L.A.. And the Occupy movemnt celebrated it's first anniversary by being arrested by NYC's finest. I was at the OWS protest site the day before, just walking around and trying to figure it out, to be honest, most people there were anarchists, idealists and jobless. If they would put the same effort into starting their own companies as they do in these protests they can change the system from the inside instead of shouting from the outside. Just my 2 cents.

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