Oct 7, 2011

Remembering Steve Jobs

Remembering Steve Jobs

Yesterday founder and driving force behind Apple, Steve Jobs died. Steve Jobs was a master marketeer, creating wants for products people didn't even known they needed. He took good ideas and made them his own by making them better and more accesible. He brought rock and roll to the tech world. He gave us the iPod, iPhone and iPad. In my eyes beautiful products, but let's not forget Steve Jobs also gave us strictly regulated guidelines in how we could use Apple products, guidelines that go against everything Steve Jobs stood for in his early years, the years of letting creativity run free, not limiting people in their possibilties when using new technologies, letting people think different. It's a shame he thought this was needed to make his products a success. R.I.P. Steve Jobs. Join TotallyCoolPix on Facebook and Twitter or join our Flickr Group.

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