Jun 13, 2011

Formula 1 2011: Canadian Grand Prix

Formula 1 2011: Canadian Grand Prix

Wow. Wow. Wow. The 2011 Canadian Fomrula One GP was truly an epic race. Wet weather, monsoon weather, damp weather, dry weather, safety cars, crashes (Hamilton, Alonso, and Heidfeld amongst others), spins, overtaking, penalties. We had them all in a race which last well over 4 hours to complete. Sebastian Vettel and his Red Bull kept calm through all the obstacles thrown at him and lead the race from start to almost finish. Under immense pressure from Jensen Button in his McLaren Vettel approached a corner half way through the final lap, applied a bit too mch pressure on the brakes and almost spun his car, letting Button past to take the chequered flag. Special mention to Michael Schumacher who, especially in the wet and damp conditions, drove a stunning race.

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