Formula 1 2011: Monaco Grand Prix

May 30, 2011
Formula 1 2011: Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is a mythical race. To be considered a great World Champion you will have needed to have won this race at least once. Twists, turns, hundreds of gear changes, inches from the barriers, it all makes for a great spectacle. The 2011 was a good one. More overtaking than usual and the closing third was very exciting with three cars within 1 second of each other and with different tire strategies. Button was quickest and had the freshest rubber, but he was in third. Vettel was lying in first position but was the slowest of the three and had the worst tires. In between Alonso in his Ferrari. It was going to be a tight finish. Unfortunately a crash red flagged the race with 6 laps to go. When it was restarted all the front runners had changed their tires and it was a mere procession to the chequered flag. Vettel won, Alonso second and Button third.

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