Japan Disaster Zone One Week On

Mar 18, 2011
Japan Disaster Zone One Week On

One week ago the northeast part of Japan was rocked by a massive 8.9 earthquake followed up by a big tsunami. Complete villages were wiped away, thousands of people have died and many more are injured and missing. Rescue operations have been hampered by the total destruction of infastructure in the area and even by heavy snow. The nuclear powerplant of Fukushima I is still not stable and could give the world a second Chernobyl. People who have nothing left are living together in make shift shelters. The situation must seem hopeless, bleak, depressing and overwhelming, but the Japanese are getting through it without losing their dignity and the world's thoughts are with them. We have tried to find the most impressive images from the last week, which does mean some of them have been posted here before. Some images depict scenes of death.

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