In The Picture: Wolfgang Uhlemann

Mar 15, 2011
In The Picture: Wolfgang Uhlemann

Our latest In The Picture feature is about Wolfgang Uhlemann from Germany. In his own words he tells us his love of photography started when he was just 12-years-old. We'll let him tell you the rest. Starting when I was 12 years, I've got my first experience in photography together with my father in the movie and photography club of Frankenberg in the former German Democratic Republic. My father passed away when I was 14 and left our equipment to be used solely by myself. In my years as a beekeeper I learned to appreciate and love nature. My attention went especially to small things like insects or blossoms, of which macro photography grants extraordinary insights and impressions. I'd like my work's contribution to direct people's attention to the small, but often concealed beauty of life and nature. Some really excellent macro shots of things we normally only observe from a far. Thanks Wolfgang. If you want your work featured on TotallyCoolPix please contact us after reading the criteria.

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