In The Picture: Benjamin Hiller

Mar 3, 2011
In The Picture: Benjamin Hiller

Benjamin Hiller is a photojournalist from Berlin, Germany. On a recent trip to South Korea he was invited to witness a Shamanic ritual. Let Benjamin explain. During my stay in South Korea I was allowed to observe a shamanic ritual at a shrine in the harbor city Inchon. The ritual, which was dedicated to GOOD (gods) and the spirits, was performed to pray for health and luck. The MOO SOK IN (shamanic priest) danced, performed ritual cuttings (also called knife dance) as well as making the sanctification of the sacrificial offerings. The shrine was set up 15 years ago from the Hong Yun Jang Kun family. It is used mainly as a public Buddhistic shrine, but still they perform also shamanic rituals here. Shamanism has been known in Korea - as well as in many other parts of Asia - for several thousand years and is still often practiced. Visit Benjamin Hiller's website for more of his work.

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