Feb 9, 2011

Thailand vs Cambodia: The Preah Vihear Temple Conflict

Thailand vs Cambodia: The Preah Vihear Temple Conflict

Thailand and Cambodia are at war. over a 900-year-old temple. The Preah Vihear temple is a hindu temple built during the Khmer Empire. It sits atop a cliff giving it stunning views. Thailand and Cambodia have long argued over the grounds surrounding the UNESCO listed temple, but in 1962 an international court awarded the temple to Cambodia. Obviously the bad blood between the two nations with regards to ownership of the temple (and it's tourist dollars) is still existent as earlier this month Camdodian and Thai soldiers exchanged fire with each other near and on the temple grounds. Cambodian troops are taking up positions in the temple groudns and Thailand is sending the heavy goods such as tanks and helicopters to defend itself. We're sure the views from the temple are great, but surely not that great?

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