Dec 19, 2010

Snow: Beauty and the Beast

Snow: Beauty and the Beast

It is nothing more than frozen water, but when it falls from the skies it turns our world upside down. Landscapes get a makeover, a childish grin appears on grown up faces and the infrastructure breaks down. Snow. We love it and we hate it. We love playing in it with our kids. Love throwing snowballs at work colleagues. Love sledding down hills. love skiiing down slopes. And love the atmosphere it brings to everything it touches. But we hate it for shutting down our airports. For making the trains not run. For making the roads not fit to drive on. For breaking our limbs. For turning into dirty mush when it melts. Snow is both beautiful and beastly at the same time. If you have taken some nice snowy snaps ands you'd like them to appear in this TotalyCoolPix gallery, please use our contact form and send us the images, your name and where they were taken. Images need to be at least 990px wide.

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