Jun 21, 2010

World Cup 2010: Blikkiesdorp

World Cup 2010: Blikkiesdorp

South Africa is basking in the glory that the FIFA World Cup 2010 brings with it. An army of foreign fans all having fun together, enjoying the football and enjoying South Africa. This is what the world gets to see, a new and improved South Africa. Crime is down, infrastructure has been much improved, the people are friendly and the Rand keeps on rolling in the hospitality business. It would seem that South Africans are benefitting from the World Cup being held in their country, but this is not the case for the thousands living in Blikkiesdorp. Blikkiesdorp was built in 2007 near Cape Town and contains 1,600 structures made from shiny corrugated iron, Blikkiesdorp translates as Tin Can Town. The people there would have loved to have seen some of the 63 billion Rand the hosting of the World Cup is estimated to cost South Africa go their way in improved housing, schooling and permanent jobs.

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