Is the GoPro Fusion 360 camera worth it?

We have a lot to be GoPro thankful for. They've given us some amazing gear and that gear has given us some amazing footage.
Their latest venture is the GoPro Fusion. A 360 camera.
I'm not sure this adds anything to my life to be quite honest. The footage just looks like a bad LSD trip.

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Dirty Car Art by ProBoyNick

ProBoyNick takes the messages he writes on dirty cars a bit further than Wash Me Please. He goes into a full blown art mode to produce some stunning stuff.

Credit: ProBoyBick

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Brian Dowling photographed redheads from around the world

Brian Dowling is an entertainment photographer, but for his latest project he traveled the world for three Summers to photogrpaher redheads in 20 different countries.
Only 2% of the world population can claim to be natural redheads, but this number soars to 13% and 10% in Scotland and Ireland.
These photos are prelude to the Redhead Beauty book Brian is publishing soon.

Credit: Brian Dowling

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Mavic drone makes some totally cool images of South Africa

Wow, just WOW.
The images this Mavic drone makes of one of my favorite countries are just amazing.

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Travel the world with Anthony Bourdain

Do you have several hours spare or to waste? Like traveling the world? Love good local cuisine? Just visit Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown website and thank us later.

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Venice by Gaslight

If you've been to Venice you will absolutely love this video. If you have not been you will want to go after seeing it.

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Rotterdam in four seasons

A year in the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Four seasons in time- and hyperlapse.

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Man sparks a multi-million dollar treasure hunt

In 2010 Forrest Fenn buried a treasure chest filled with gold, diamonds, rubies and old artifacts. He wrote a poem about it's hidden location and ever since people have been trying to find it.
And he is not the only one who has given the treasure hunting community a new lease of life.

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Stephen Crowley is the best dad ever

Stephen Crowley is not afraid to let his little girl experience the dangers in life. She drives a car, she holds the knives, she balances on a ledge. You name something dangerous and Stephen Crowley has made her do it with the help of photoshop.

Via Be The Match

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JunoCam has captured Jupiter like you’ve never seen before

The Juno spacecraft spent the last 5 years traveling over 400 million miles to take these amazing images of Jupiter and it's atmosphere.

Credit: NASA

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