Fun with famous album covers by Igor Lipchanskiy

The questions Igor Lipchanskiy asked himself was a very simple one; What is going on just outside of view during the photoshoots of famous album covers?
He came up with some funny answers.

Credit: Igor Lipchanskiy

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When you really want to win a prize for Best Photo

Is it ethical for a (news) photographer to ask a subject pose for him or her? Should they just capture things as they happen and when they miss it just call it bad luck and leave it be? Or should they be allowed to try a recreate a moment they've missed?
These photographer in Bangladesh have asked a young Muslim man for this pose and he obliges.
It is not known if these photographers are professionals or just amateurs posing as such, but is there anything wrong with what they are doing?

Via PetaPixel

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Exploring the Unbeaten Path visits an abandoned bathhouse in Thailand

Our friend Bob likes to find those hard to reach places, even when on vacation.
This video of an abandoned bathhouse in Thailand was shot on a phone, but you can still see that it must have been quite a nice place once.

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Riding the Slurpee waves of Nantucket

We're sticking with the cold for this one. Slurpee cold, in fact.
The temperature dropped to -11 degrees Celsius, cold enough for sea water to freeze and that is what happened at Nobadeer Beach in Nantucket.
Nick Hayden and Jamie Briard thought of nothing better to do than to put on their wetsuits and grab a board.

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When a leaking sprinkler creates a frozen waterfall

It's been cold in the United States. Very cold. And when a faulty sprinkler get's exposed to the cold you get this amazing icicle waterfall down the side of a 21-story hotel in Chicago.

Credit: Andrew Hickey

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How street artists are dealing with Swastika graffiti

Morons exist no matter where you go. It's how you deal with them that makes the difference.
Street artists in Berlin, Germany have been dealing with morons who spray paint Swastikas all over town in this humorous way and we applaud them for it.

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Giant humpback whale protects diver from sharks

The video is a few days old already but I just couldn't not post it.
This giant humpback whale protects a diver from nearby sharks, giving her some amazing footage and the process.

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Cruise ship gets caught in the bomb cyclone

Four thousand guest had just had an amazing time in the Bahamas for New Year's when their cruise ship ran into the bomb cyclone on it's voyage back.
The result was three days o rocking and rolling and loads of water.

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Florida’s Unbelievable Abandoned The Colony Beach Resort

Back in the day, if you were a serious tennis player and you went to Florida, you simply stayed at The Colony. It had courts galore for your favorite past-time.
But times changed and it shut down in 2010.
This is what it looks like 8 years later.

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Google Pixel 2 Camera Test vs. $20k Hasselblad

Camera technology in smartphones is progressing at tremendous rates. They've basically rendered lower end point-and-shoot cameras obsolete.
But how do they compare to the really high-end of the business spectrum.
This video compares a Hasselblad with a Google Pixel 2 to find out.

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