Nikon D850 8K time lapse is totally cool

Technology in the photography industry is not standing still. Cameras get more and more features and take (potentially) better and better images. The Nikon D850 even shoots time-lapse in 8K.

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Gravity is Overrated by Jean-Baptiste Chandelier

Jean-Baptiste Chandelier is an ace paraglider and he made this ace video showing of the views and his skills.

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70 Years of Ferrari

How Craftsmen and High-Tech Robots Build the World’s Most Famous Cars.

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The People Of Dutch Comic Con

Comic Con(ventions) are taking over the world and giving people of all shapes, sizes and ages the opportunity to live out a fantasy.
We sent a photographer to Dutch Comic Con and he came back with these photos.

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Life in the northernmost city in the world is toxic

Norilsk is the northernmost city in the world. It is home to 177,000 inhabitants and it is a toxic environment.
Yet people love it there.
Would you live and work there?

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Nighttime city scenes by Elsa Bleda

The darkness broken up by some lights has something magical and mysterious about it. And photographer Elsa Bleda captures it perfectly.
She has an exhibition coming up in Durban, South Africa in cooperation with Red Bull. If you're in the area, go check it out.

Credit: Elsa Bleda | Facebook | Instagram

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Living life in a small Alaskan town

Jamie took a job working for a local tour company in the small Alaskan town of Skagway.
It is home to 800 people, one grocery store and loads of bikes.

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Exposing that perfect shot

We all know some of the trick of the trade, but photographer Gilmar Silva just about exposes them all in this behind-the-scenes look at getting that perfect shot.

Credit: Gilmar Silva

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Airports From Above

Most of us have been to one and most of us have flown over one, but very few of us know what they really look like from above.

Via Imgur

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Monsoon IV by Mike Olbinski

Mike OIbinski is back with another totally cool monsoon supercut.

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