The Real Life Rocketeer

This guy is a real life Rocketeer and I want what he';s using for Christmas. Just imagine going to get some bread or a newspaper with that strapped to your back.

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How the BBC makes Planet Earth look like a Hollywood movie

Whenever the BBC launches a new nature series on TV I'm there, watching. The stuff they manage to show and do is just amazing and educational too.
This video explores the how and why.

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When Darkness Falls

When Darkness Falls follows a racing team during a 24-hours race and specifically the night hours. The tiredness, the soreness, the sleepiness, the concentrating required, the tension.
It is perfectly and beautifully captured in When Darkness Falls.

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Rooftopping Canaray Wharf

At 235m One Canada Square is the second tallest building in the UK and Night Scape climbed to the very top of it to give us this amazing view of London.

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Underwater Photographer Of The Year 2017

We've been posting quite a few water related things lately, but their is a reason for that. Underwater photography is simply totally cool.
These are some of the winners of the 2017 Underwater Photographer Of The Year competition.
I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

For all the photos please visit the Underwater Photographer Of The Year website.

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Freediving With Giant Manta Rays: The Photos

Last week I posted a video about freediving with giant manta rays. I was jealous. I looks so amazing.
The photos don't take any of that jealousy away. In fact, I am even more jealous now.
The lady doing the diving is Alison Teal.

Credit: Sarah Lee

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Magical Mont Blanc by Esteban Wautier

The Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in Europe and lies in the amazing Alps. It stand at a dazzling 4,808 meters high.
Esteban Wautier captured the Mont Blanc like the magical mountain it is.

Credit: Esteban Wautier

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Rolls of film from a WW2 soldier were discovered and processed

Over 70 years ago, an American WW2 soldier filled 31 rolls of film with pictures. Nobody had seen them before.
Big love to the Rescued Film Project for doing stuff like this.

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Max Stöckl rides his mountain bike down a hill at 167.6 km/h

Have you ever driven 160km/h (100mph) on a motorway? If so, you'll know it is pretty fast, but you're sitting in a car, protected, sort of.
Now imagine doing that speed on a mountain bike with nothing but a helmaet protecting your face. The adrenaline must be immense.

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Visiting The Abandoned Soviet Monument In Buzludzha

You might remember Bob Thissen from the series on French warships we posted not long ago.
Well, he is back with this awesome (drone) video of the abandoned Soviet monument at Buzludzha.

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