The Blood Moon

Apr 16, 2014

The lunar eclipse on Tuesday unfolded over three hours when the moon began moving into the Earth’s shadow. A little more than an hour later, the moon was fully eclipsed and shrouded in an orange, red or brown glow.


Abandoned International Airport In Cyprus

Apr 15, 2014

I visited Cyprus when I was a 11-year-old boy. We visited Nicosia and saw it was divided into an occupied Turkish part and a Greek part.
Seems things are still the same 25 years later.


Coolest Pix Of 2014 Week 15

It was another busy, exciting and interesting week on Planet Earth.


Ultra Music Festival 2014 in 151 Pics

If you talk about Electronic Dance Music in March in Miami, you are talking about the Ultra Music Festival. One of the biggest and best festivals on the globe. Kind of bucketlist work if you are into EDM. The 2014 edition of Ultra was held this year from Friday, March 28 through Sunday March 30th. And we were also lucky this year, because the Dutch Photographer Rutger Geerling and his cameras were also part of the Miami Madness. Therefor we can now enjoy the 151 best pictures Rutger made during the 3 day festival. some shots are really sick! Rutger is busy with some interesting busy photographing tour this year, dont miss it! Like his Facebook Page.


Nepal and The Himalaya by Rob Edgerley

I started taking photography seriously around 2 years ago and I’ve loved it ever since. The photo’s taken in this series are from Nepal and The Himalaya on our trek up to Everest Base Camp at 5365m. The day before leaving for Kathmandu I proposed to my now fiancĂ©, so that made this trip that little bit more special. I get great pleasure in sharing my photos with others, especially when I have the opportunity to showcase such an inspiring and beautiful part of the world, like Nepal.
See more from Nepal & The Himalaya here.

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Cherry Blossoms In Beautiful Bloom

Apr 10, 2014

Cherry blossoms in bloom in Tokyo and Washington D.C. Started as a gift from Japan 102 years ago.
Sometimes history is a beautiful thing.


Coolest Pix Of 2014 Week 14

Another week has passed and still Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 has not been found. Add some more fighting in the Ukraine and Syria and we could really do with Spring showing her pretty face.


Venice In The Picture by Vladimir Zivkovic

I’m 29-year old award-winning amateur photographer from Djakovo, Croatia. I’ve been taking photos since year 2000 and the main theme remained the same – long exposure photos. Daytime and nighttime.
Long exposures make places mystical and kind of erases the most popular saying for photography, “capturing the moment”. So I capture places instead of moments. Using long exposure, sometimes more than 60 seconds, I condense time into one photo.
I have M.Sci. in agriculture but I’m more into photography than in agriculture. Although, nature, agricultural fields, forests and mountains were and still are some of my favorite subjects. I also enjoy taking photos of serene towns, like wonderful Venice.

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Surviving In The Amazon

Many indigenous groups, including the Huni Kui, Ashaninka, and Madija, live in villages in the Brazilian rainforest near the border with Peru. Over the past three years, the Ashaninka and Madija say that they have seen more and more incursions on their territory from uncontacted tribes, defined by Survival International as groups who have no peaceful contact with mainstream society. The “Bravos,” or “Braves,” as uncontacted Indians are called in the region, carry out raids on other villages, putting the communities along the Envira River on permanent alert. Leaders of the Ashaninka tribe have asked the government and NGOs for help in controlling what they consider an encroachment on their area by these uncontacted indigenous groups, stating that the movement of these other tribes is the result of pressure caused by illegal logging across the border in Peru.

Coolest Pix Of 2014 Week 13

A little late, but we’ve all got to have a vacation sometime.